Virtual Reality Services

The Future of Training and Planning

Enabling clients and staff to visualise a site from any location and at any time.

RemSense uses RPAS systems, 3D cameras and Leica scanners to create immersive 3D environments.

We provide our clients with detailed photo-realistic 3D reality models that are typically used for visualisation, training, marketing, project and work planning, safety management and scenario testing.

They’ll feel like they’re on site!

Users can view sites from heights or walk through realistic environments using notebooks, tablets, smartphones or VR goggles.

Using photography as the VR medium the VR environment is identical to being on site and not a simulation.

RemSense develops client web and intranet sites to deploy the environment across organisations allowing access anywhere and anytime.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

We capture 2D photography and 3D scanning data to create complete, immersive 3D VR models and experiences for marketing, engineering, training and safety purposes.

VR Interactive 360Interactive Aerial 360

Large area interactive 360 images

VR Virtual PlantVirtual Plant

Fully immersive and interactive VR tour environment for industrial plants and sites

VR 3D CAD Model3D CAD and BIM Models

Site and structure models complete suite of digital assets using aerial and ground based scanning