UAV Systems Engineering

Sci Aero Technology has over eleven years experience designing, building, operating and modifying drones to provide specialised, survey grade aerial data capture services for a range of industries and applications

Our aviation, engineering and systems integration experience enables us to provide bespoke aircraft, camera and sensors for the mining, oil & gas, construction, agriculture and defence sectors. We have the capability to design and build custom drone avionics and software to solve highly challenging aerial data projects.

We modify high-end, commercial-off-the-shelf UAS and provide solutions when the customer requires greater autonomy, improved efficiency, better resolution, higher accuracy, spectral fidelity, data management processes or bespoke, analytical outputs.

Our custom navigation and payloads have provided significant advantages over other UAV services companies.

Once assigned a project, we ensure we understand the client’s business objectives, and work with the project sponsor and project team to define the desired outcomes. We then select the execution team, implement the hardware and software, bench test, flight test, fix any technology issues and ensure the best performance is achieved.

Our multidisciplinary team also assists clients make informed decisions about the management of business challenges, related risks and the cost-effective utilisation of drones.