Engineered Solutions

Professional Systems Engineering

RemSense’s engineering heritage is based on over twelve years experience designing, manufacturing, and certifying remote aerial solutions for customers worldwide.

Our engineering and systems integration experience has underpinned our transition to provide remote solutions, cameras and sensors across a wide range of industry sectors.

We have the capability to design and build custom drone avionics and software to solve highly challenging aerial data projects.

Our experience is not limited to aerial solutions with projects undertaken including ground-based robotics for thermal imaging and gold detection to bathymetric survey vessels and cameras in extreme industrial environments.

We collaborate with our clients and work closely and innovate with Industry to provide bespoke solutions.

systems integrationSystems Integration

Fully engineered and developed aerial and ground based solutions

Bespoke development cameraBespoke Development

Camera and Sensor engineering for challenging environments

Operations and trainingOperations and Training

Assist clients to manage and operate their RPAS investment safely and productively

Our custom navigation and payloads have provided significant advantages over other UAV services companies.