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Top 3 Reasons why Real Estate agents should use aerial photography

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Make an impact

Perth from Kings Park

Capturing the attention of buyers in the market is essential, and it has become harder as online marketing has taken off, with prospective buyers able to look at hundreds if not thousands of properties quickly.
Aerial photography adds the necessary impact to catch their eye and convincing them to look at the property in more detail.

Add context for potential buyers

Photo with points of interest highlighted

Highlighting a property’s location can be its biggest selling point.
Aerial photography allows to visually place the property in relation to places of interest such as the Indian Ocean, the Swan River of the nearest school or shopping centre. In one single shot buyers can see more information about the property’s location than ever before.

Showcase Unique Perspectives

Rural Property Featured Highlights

Using a drone allows to view the property from angles previously only possible through the use of scaffolding or cherry pickers.
Whether that may be showcasing the property from a top down perspective or showing off the pool area from a height that add more impact than standard ground photography, everything is possible. Our experienced pilots and photographers will get the best photo for your property’s marketing

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  1. It’s great to know that aerial photography plays a huge role in the real-estate marketing strategy as this helps them catch the attention of potential buyers as well as it leaves a big impact in the industry. If I were to become a property broker or agent, I will definitely make use of drone photography as well as videography in order to have a boost of sales in my record . Hopefully, there are places I can find assistance with this stuff so I can truly fulfill my dream of becoming a property agent.

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