Unlimited Aerial Observation Services:
Tethered Drone

We continuously monitor areas and collect data for hours.

Using professional Tethered Drone equipment, operated by highly skilled and experienced Remote Pilots, we provide a continuous real-time aerial video stream, allowing constant data monitoring, collection and analysis, anywhere, anytime across Australia.

As a highly experienced drone operator, we understand the benefits and flexibility that drones bring to a wide range of applications and industries.

There are however limitations due to flight times, battery logistics and safety issues when flying in certain locations.

RemSense's Tethered Drone Services introduces a new capability that enables unlimited flight times using highly capable drones that are powered from the ground using a ultra-light incredibly strong tether cable.

This permits continuous and uninterrupted operation without the need for landings and battery changes, providing a level of safety that is unmatched by free flight drones.

Tethered drone services are ideal for observation and security and drone operations in sensitive areas like main roads, airports, ports, concerts, and sporting events.

Features and Benefits

  • Our flight time is unlimited and we can operate day and night.
  • Ideal for aerial observation and situation monitoring.
  • Surveillance is not interrupted due to battery changes or pilot fatigue.
  • Up to 100 metre operating altitude offering expansive views.
  • No fly-away risk.
  • Weather-resistant, we can fly in rain and strong winds with our IP43 rated systems.
  • Multiple cameras including Thermal Imaging for night operations.
  • 240V operation from mains or generator with drone battery backup.
  • Faster, more efficient, less costly and more flexible than temporary masts or installations.
  • Ideal for sensitive areas including events, concerts, airports, ports and sporting venues.
  • All video can be viewed, recorded and broadcast live with HDMI and SDI outputs.
Our Aerial Observation Services can be deployed for long-term operations and cover large areas for several hours, or focus steadily on specific activities that require precise analysis.

Tethered Drone Service Applications
Aerial Observation Services

aerial observation of a concertEvent
Aerial Surveillance

Provide continuous real time views of events and nearby areas assisting decision-making processes and risk reduction.
Observe crowd movements and behaviour.
Detect incidents quickly, thanks to 360-degree zoom.
Quiet and unobtrusive.
Secure data recording.
Thermal Imaging for night operations.

Traffic CongestionTraffic

Monitor traffic with constant aerial video streaming and recording.
Easily deployable and highly efficient.
Quiet and unobtrusive operations with a small drone that does not affect driver behaviour.

drone photo of building fire Emergency

Generate situational awareness in Emergency situations.
Can be continuously deployed for long-term operations and cover large areas for several hours or focus steadily on specific details that require precise analysis. 
Operate in most weather conditions including high wind and rain.

horse racing Breaking News
Live Sport

Record the right scene at the right time.
Perfectly suited for immersive aerial filming on large outdoor events like concerts and sports.
Safety deploy for another camera angle.

power plantIndustrial

Stay in the air for a full inspection without landing.
No continuous battery changing/charging.
Improved productivity
Ideal for Towers and Large Structures.

telecommunications tower inspectionTemporary

Rapid deployment of popup airborne antennas for 24/7 public safety and cellular signal coverage during emergencies and events. 

Local Wi-Fi networks, radio, 3G, 4G

Tethered Drone System

Versatile Tethered Drones

RemSense uses the latest tethered drone systems that can be configured to carry cameras in three configurations: -

  • Single downward camera
  • Single upward camera
  • Dual downward cameras

Our professional standard camera options include:

  • 20.8MP Still and 4k Video Cameras
  • Multiple lens options including Zoom
  • 640 resolution FLIR radiometric Thermal Camera

Live, constant and interactive control of all cameras.

Constant video stream to ground monitors with secure recording and live broadcast options.

Custom payloads can be developed to meet customer requirements.

RemSense has been providing professional aerial drone services since 2006.
We are Certified, Accredited and Approved to national and international standards.