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Perth Optus Stadium Lights

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Aerial view of Optus Stadium at Night

OPTUS STADIUM is now completed and open to the public and many people have already had the chance to visit the new 60,000 seat venue with many photographs and videos shared of the so called "Claypot".

We are a bit late for the party but hope it was worth waiting for the footage we were fortunate enough to film when the world's biggest sports lighting system was first tested.

While many people around the area got to enjoy the show, we had the best seat in the house, with our team filming the LED system testing from inside the stadium which we are now able to share it with you. As they say, better late than never!

We also took some amazing high resolution 360 views of the stadium which are available by clicking on the image below

Optus Stadium

We were delighted to work with NILSEN Australia on this project.

For more interesting facts about the stadium,visit https://optusstadium.com.au/the-stadium/fact-sheets