Aerial Building & Roof Inspections

Reduce risk to personnel inspecting assets and structures at height with a more productive, timely and cost effective drone aerial inspection service

RemSense and Houspect have partnered to utilise the best drone technology available to undertake cost effective UAV drone roof and building inspection services.
Ideal when access using traditional methods are either unsafe, impractical or not cost effective.

Building Inspection Services

Inspecting roofs, facades and plants on multi story and high roofed commercial and residential properties often requires personnel to be exposed to working at height risks.

While some properties have purpose built access hatches and gantries to facilitate roof and plant inspections, others do not provide safe and secure access. Compliance with OH&S regulations will often require multiple parties on site, involving equipment including man riding cranes, elevated work platforms, scaffolding, or cherry pickers. In some situations, traffic and pedestrian management plans are required to be approved by the local council/shire. All adding to the complexity and cost of the inspection.

RemSense and Houspect eliminate the need for personnel to be exposed to working at heights risks by undertaking visual inspections using the latest drone technology. Detailed images of the structure being inspected are captured from multiple angles enabling assessment by our WA Registered Builders who incorporate the images into Australian Standard Compliant Building Inspection report. Costings can also be provided and the core data can then be integrated into a detailed maintenance or capital expenditure plan.

The Quality Differential

The commercial drones used by Houspect and Altitude Imaging are not toys. Our remote pilots are fully licenced by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and trained to fly in residential, commercial and industrial areas in close proximity to other buildings. The two man operational crew work in tandem to ensure the aircraft is positioned correctly so optimal photographs, using a 42 megapixel camera, are taken.

With our drone roof inspection service the detail is incredible – pin hole rust points can be identified in gutters!

Obtaining inspection images of a high risk area on a building is important. Connecting the UAV inspection images with an independent expert report, prepared in accordance with Australian Standard 4349, by a WA Registered Builder is where the value is created. You can obtain a detailed building inspection report on a property which can be relied on as professional independent evidence if required.

Building Inspection Applications

drone solar panel inspectionHigh Rise Roofs

Roof Condition
Gutters & valleys
Roof Penetrations
Roof fastenings
Water ingress issues
New construction inspection

Construction Progress Stage 6Multi Storey Buildings

Pre purchase due diligence
Pre/Post lease property condition inspection
Dilapidation Reports
Construction progress
Structural inspections
Plant inspections e.g. air conditioning, solar power
Capital maintenance or expenditure planning

drone thermal imageThermal Imaging

Moisture ingress
Building envelop heat and cooling loss

Features and Benefits

  • UAV Drone inspections completely eliminate man riding crane, scaffolding, cherry picker and rigging issues to quickly access tall structures, large infrastructure works and complex engineering projects
  • Generally no need for traffic management plans and approvals
  • Simplified OH&S compliance requirements
  • We regularly inspect above, beside, underneath and inside assets, structures and buildings
  • Our equipment options allow us to deploy upward or downward looking sensors with up to 42MP resolution
  • If required, geospatial location information can be obtained such that at a future date the drone can be positioned in exactly the same location for repeat photographs showing change over time
  • Privacy management procedures and plans for occupied buildings
  • Perfect for operations in remote and inaccessible areas
  • We can generally undertake inspections without disrupting site operations
  • Flexibility to adapt and operate in a fast moving site environment
  • Thermal Imaging Services to capture 640 resolution radiometric inspection data
  • Can be combined with our Tethered Drone Service to provide unlimited flight time
Obtaining inspection images of a high risk area on a building is important. Connecting the UAV inspection images with an independent expert report, prepared in accordance with Australian Standard 4349, by a WA Registered Builder is where the value is created.

Building Inspection Services

Roof guideStep 1

Roof top down image taken and overlay drawn to clearly identify inspection areas and link inspection data.

42 megapixel drone roof inspection imageStep 2

Multiple images taken covering the entire roof and gutter structure with a 42 megapixel inspection camera. 

Roof defectStep 3

Defects zoomed in to fully identify and classify the problem.

Step 4

Inspection Report to Australian Standard AS4349 by a WA Registered Builder.

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Defects List Report

"Using professional equipment, operated by highly skilled and experienced pilots, we provide safe, efficient and cost effective inspection solutions."

DJI Matrice M210

Versatile Airborne Cameras

We operate professional inspection drones including:

  • DJI Matrice M210
  • DJI Inspire 2
  • Freefly Alta (heavy payloads and sensors)

GPS, PPK and RTK positioning options on all drones

Our inspection drones carry cameras on fully stabilized precision gimbals in three configurations:

  • Single downward camera
  • Single upward camera
  • Dual downward cameras

Our professional standard camera options include:

  • 20.8 to 42MP Still and 4k Video Cameras
  • Multiple lens options including Zoom
  • 640 resolution FLIR radiometric Thermal Camera

Live, constant and interactive control of all cameras.

Constant live stream to ground monitors either vehicle based or remote.

Custom payloads including laser measurement systems.

Unlimited flight duration options with our Tethered Drone Services.

RemSense has been providing professional aerial drone services since 2006.
We are Certified, Accredited and Approved to national and international standards.