Aerial Thermal & Multispectral Imaging

RemSense provides aerial thermal imaging services for asset inspection, survey and mapping using professional radiometric thermal cameras and drones.

Our services safely and quickly detect hotspots and areas with abnormal temperatures using our drone thermal imaging service.

Utilising FLIR 640 resolution thermal cameras combined with 20.8MP to 42MP colour cameras we deliver outstanding high resolution inspection imagery. Our inspection equipment is fully gyro stabilised and captures radiometric images and video.

Incorporating aerial survey and mapping techniques, we can identify heat sources over large areas. Ideal for applications in the coal industry, our thermal surveys can provide highly accurate information with georeferenced thermal orthomosaics and heat maps.

Using professional UAV thermal imaging equipment our team delivers high-resolution thermal and digital photographic records in either unedited or fully processed formats with inspection reports.

RemSense's Thermal Inspection Service offers a productive and safe way to rapidly and frequently inspect assets at height.

Features and Benefits

  • Industry leading FLIR thermal imaging technology fitted to DJI M210 IP43 rated weather resistant drone systems
  • Simultaneously capture both thermal and high resolution colour imagery
  • Fast, accurate and immediate temperature measurement and fault detection
  • Our service is non-destructive and non-invasive providing essential and reliable information
  • Our inspection services allow you to rapidly and frequently inspect assets at height and inaccessible areas without exposing personnel to health and safety risks
  • GPS positioning data is collected with each image allowing precise locations to be confirmed
  • Live video feed and constant interactive control of all cameras enables your site engineers to work with our team and immediately view and assess issues
  • Our Radiometric thermal cameras record temperatures for every pixel enabling detailed analysis on site or post inspection engineering assessment and reporting
  • Thermal gradient and spot measurement of hot & cold points of interest
  • Can be combined with our Tethered Drone Service to provide unlimited flight time
Our Thermal Inspection Services capture imagery with pinpoint precision, focusing on specific structures or large areas.

Aerial Thermal Imaging Applications

Thermal Imaging for Power Distribution InspectionBuilding Inspection

Diagnose the condition of buildings by detecting thermal bridges and other anomalies
Commercial building inspections
Roof Inspections
Air-conditioning efficiency, air leaks and thermal loss
Moisture detection
Delaminating Concrete

Industrial and mine site thermal imagingIndustrial & Mine Site Inspection

Reliable and safe thermal inspection at height
Avoid exposing workers to dangerous environments
Inspect without disrupting operations
Towers, pipelines, flare stacks, process plants
Thermal survey of stockpiles and mine sites
Onshore and offshore

Thermal Imaging for Power Distribution InspectionPower Distribution Inspection

With improved reliability and precision, we image extensive powerline networks with unparalleled detail
Detect abnormal heating associated with high resistance or excessive current flow
GPS records allow exact locations to be identified

Solar Panel Inspection - Thermal ImagingSolar Panel Inspection

Inspect and detect defects in panels with high resolution visual and thermal imagery
No access to building roofs required
Inspect a few or thousands of solar panels
Ideal for PV Solar Farms

drone thermal imaging fire antsEnvironmental & Biosecurity

Feral animals, invasive species and pests
Monitoring and population density
Day or night operations
Area heat maps and surveys
Thermal survey orthomosaics

Thermal Imaging for Precision AgriculturePrecision Agriculture

Spatial coverage over large or small areas at repetitive intervals
Soil temperatures and moisture levels for seeding and growth monitoring
Irrigation monitoring and scheduling

Our Thermal Inspection Services capture imagery with pinpoint precision, focusing on specific structures or large areas
DJI Matrice M240

Versatile Airborne Cameras

RemSense uses the latest tethered drone systems that can be configured to carry cameras in three configurations:

  • Single downward camera
  • Single upward camera
  • Dual downward cameras

Our drones carry cameras on fully stabilized precision gimbals.

Our professional standard camera options include:

  • 4K video / 20.8 MP stills camera
  • Multiple fixed and zoom lens options
  • 640 resolution Thermal camera

Thermal Camera Specifications:

  • Manufacturer – FLIR/DJI
  • Version – Professional Radiometric
  • Resolution – 640 x 512
  • Lens – 13 mm
  • Full Frame Rate – 30Hz
  • Sensitivity – 50mK
  • Digital Zoom – up to 8x

Live, constant and interactive control of all cameras.

Alternative Thermal inspection systems for survey and special projects available including:

  • Long duration Microdrone Md4-1000 precision survey drones
  • 42MP Sony A7 series colour cameras
  • PPK and RTK positioning options
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RemSense has been providing professional aerial drone services since 2006.
We are Certified, Accredited and Approved to national and international standards.