Aerial Drone UAV Survey & Mapping Services

Safe, accurate and reliable aerial data capture and processing

Aerial Survey and Mapping Services

RemSense provides aerial survey, mapping and GIS services using a range of professional drones and sensors.
We safely capture high quality aerial data and with a suite of post processing options we deliver valuable spatial information.

We partner with experienced and licenced surveyors and work as a seamless, integrated team to produce accurate and timely data sets.

Our reliable and proven workflows incorporating step by step quality checks and ground truthing to ensure data integrity.

We understand your requirements and tailor solutions utilising the right drone, sensor and software combination to deliver outstanding results.

Our team delivers high-resolution data sets in either unprocessed or fully processed formats with quality reports.


We use aerial survey techniques to conduct detailed inspections of pipelines, power distribution networks and other assets to a GSD of 0.2 cm

Features and Benefits

  • RemSense operates survey drones equipped with professional imaging sensors and software delivering a tailored data solution for every application
  • Cost effective and higher resolution alternative to manned aircraft or satellite imagery
  • Safest method for capturing survey data with minimal interaction with the environment or site ground activities
  • Fast deployment with the flexibility to operate in a fast moving site environment with the ability to change waypoint flight plans and data capture parameters on site
  • Perfect for operations over inaccessible areas
  • We capture survey data from a few square metres to hundreds of square kilometres
  • Track project progress
  • Can be combined with our Thermal or Multispectral Services to capture thermal and NDVI survey data

RemSense's Survey Services offer an accurate aerial data capture and post processing service that is productive, safe and cost effective.

Aerial Survey Applications

Aerial photogrammetric mappingPhotogrammetric Mapping

Georeferenced Orthomosaics
Project planning and progress assessment
Asset and inventory assessments
Site access planning
Environmental assessments
Compatible with Google maps and earth
Delivered in file formats to suit your GIS or CAD system.

Aerial Survey 3D Modelling3D Modelling
Digital Surface Models

3D visualisation of structures and areas
Construction process plant and mine site modelling
Development impact assessments
Line of sight verification
Telecommunications tower site selection
Vegetation encroachment
3D fly through videos

Aerial Digital Terrain ModelDigital Terrain & Elevation Models

Accurate dense point clouds
Slope angles of terrain
Pit Walls
Cleared areas
Contour generation
Feature extraction
Water infiltration and drainage, overland flow
Project planning and progress assessment

Aerial inspection pipelineVisual Asset Inspection

Inspection imagery to 0.2cm GSD
Inspect and detect defects in pipelines
Detect pipeline leaks using thermal imaging and survey mapping techniques
Road and Rail infrastructure inspection and modelling

Photo of mine equipmentStockpile and Pit Volume Calculations

Volumetric cut and fill analysis
Open pit surveys
Stockpile volumes
Excavated volumes
Monthly reconciliations
Tailings assessments

Aerial Environmental mappingEnvironmental and Coastal Mapping

Vegetation health and classification
Vegetation canopy modelling
Land use and erosion
Rehabilitation assessment
Thermal fauna surveys
Coastal area and breakwater monitoring

RemSense's Drone Survey Services offer an accurate aerial data capture and post processing service that is productive, safe and cost effective.

DJI Matrice M210 Alta 6 Alta 6

Versatile Survey Drones

We operate professional UAV survey drones from leading manufacturers including:

  • DJI Matrice M210
  • Microdrones Md4-1000
  • UAV Mapper
  • Phantom 4 Professional

Multirotor and Fixed Wing systems

PPK and RTK positioning options on all drones

Our professional standard camera options include: 

  • 20.8 to 42MP Stills
  • Multiple calibrated lens options
  • 640 resolution FLIR radiometric Thermal Camera
  • NDVI Camera

Fully stabilized precision gimbals

Interactive long distance telemetry and data visibility.

Constant live stream to ground monitors either vehicle based or remote.

RemSense has been providing professional aerial drone services since 2006.
We are Certified, Accredited and Approved to national and international standards