Aerial Drone Inspection Services

Reduce risk to personnel inspecting assets and structures at height with a more productive, timely and cost effective UAV Drone aerial inspection service

Using professional UAV Drone equipment, operated by highly skilled and experienced Remote Pilots, we provide safe, efficient and cost effective aerial drone inspection solutions in the most demanding environments across Western Australia.

RemSense's aerial drone inspection service delivers valuable high quality inspection data in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional visual inspection methods in the most difficult working environments.

Our professional drones are ideal for conducting visual aerial inspections, providing high quality imaging and eliminating hazards associated with personnel working at height and in confined spaces.

We operate a fleet of professional UAV systems that photograph and video assets and structures using a variety of imaging and sensing payloads including Colour and Thermal Imaging cameras, Multi Spectral cameras and Gas detection sensors.

Images are recorded and video is transmitted live to the ground so your site team can interact with our flight crew in real time to focus inspection efforts.

We deliver quality inspection services with results that are clearly differentiated in the marketplace with 42 megapixel sensors and precision zoom lenses.

Our inspection deliverable’s are comprehensive, consistent and repeatable.

RemSense's aerial inspection service delivers a tailored data solution for every application.

Features and Benefits

  • Completely eliminate man riding crane, scaffolding, cherry picker and rigging issues to quickly access tall structures, large infrastructure works and complex engineering projects
  • We regularly inspect above, beside, underneath and inside assets, structures and buildings
  • Our equipment options allow us to deploy upward or downward looking sensors with up to 42MP resolution
  • Comprehensive Building Inspection reports to AS 4349
  • Fast service deployment by road, commercial airlines or offshore helicopters. Two person crew and airline compatible equipment cases.
  • Flexibility to adapt and operate in a fast moving site environment
  • Perfect for operations in remote and inaccessible areas
  • We can generally undertake inspections without disrupting site operations
  • Inspection deliverables includes GPS data to identify asset locations
  • Thermal Imaging Services to capture 640 resolution radiometric inspection data
  • Can be combined with our Tethered Drone Service to provide unlimited flight time
  • We are not a “part time” company! We can demonstrate a UAV track record in excess of 4,500 projects including structural inspections, roof inspections, transmission towers, substations, and pipelines.
Ideal for general asset inspection, post-incident inspection, pre-shutdown evaluation or during process flow events to monitor asset integrity and operation.

Aerial Inspection Applications

Aerial Inspection Power LinesUtilities
Power, Water, Gas

Overhead power lines, towers and poles
Power distribution networks and transformers
Dam walls and structures
Wind turbines

Aerial Inspection Telecommunications TowerTelecommunications Towers

Towers or Monopoles
Line of sight verification
Telecommunications tower site selection
Upgrade planning
Thermal inspection of antenna and power terminations

Aerial Inspection of Mine SiteIndustrial, Mining Oil & Gas

Pre-shutdown surveys
Towers, structures, process plants
Internal and external tanks and vessels
Live flare towers and tips
Conveyors and loaders
Onshore and offshore

Drone Inspection AirportsBuildings and roofs

Inspect buildings without the need for EWP's and working at heights issues
Roofing and gutters
Dilapidation surveys
Storm damage and insurance assessment
View assessments

Aerial inspection RailwayRoad and Rail Transport Infrastructure

Road and pavement condition assessment
Rail tracks and ballast
Electric railway overhead infrastructure
Jetty and wharf inspections
Container loading equipment
Bridges and viaducts

Aerial Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

Full 640 resolution FLIR Radiometric cameras combined with 20.8 to 42MP colour cameras
Towers, pipelines, flare stacks, structures, process plants
Onshore and offshore
Moisture detection
PV Solar panels and farms

DJI Matrice M210

Versatile Airborne Cameras

We operate professional inspection drones including:

  • DJI Matrice M210
  • DJI Inspire 2
  • Freefly Alta (heavy payloads and sensors)

GPS, PPK and RTK positioning options on all drones

Our inspection drones carry cameras on fully stabilized precision gimbals in three configurations:

  • Single downward camera
  • Single upward camera
  • Dual downward cameras

Our professional standard camera options include:

  • 20.8 to 42MP Still and 4k Video Cameras
  • Multiple lens options including Zoom
  • 640 resolution FLIR radiometric Thermal Camera
  • Gas Detection Sensors

Live, constant and interactive control of all cameras.

Constant live stream to ground monitors either vehicle based or remote.

Custom payloads including laser measurement systems.

DJI Inspire 2
Alta TopMount
Alta 6

RemSense has been providing professional aerial drone services since 2006.
We are Certified, Accredited and Approved to national and international standards.