Construction Progress Photography

Report, Monitor and Promote site and project progress using RemSense's safe and efficient aerial drone services

RemSense provides a number of safe, efficient and cost effective options to assist with the reporting and promoting of project progress using the best professional drone and camera technology.

Multiple applications: -

  • Regular Progress reporting
  • Incident reporting
  • Key project event/activity recording
  • Project promotion and marketing

Multiple drone photography and drone video solutions: -

  • Still Images – Top down and perspective
  • Video in HD or 4K
  • Interactive 360
  • 3D modelling and survey mapping

See our examples below to get the full picture.


Building Construction Progress

Construction Progress Stage 1Stage 1
Construction Progress Stage 2Stage 2
Construction Progress Stage 3Stage 3
Construction Progress Stage 4Stage 4
Construction Progress Stage 5Stage 5
Construction Progress Stage 6Stage 6

Road Construction Progress

New Road Development Progress Aerial
Top down panorama of a 4 stage small road development

Key Project Events

module construction project
Project event

Construction Progress

drone earthworksCapture a once off project event
drone photo construction site
Site Interactive 360 Panoramas

Click on the image below to see the interactive version