Aerial Photography & Video Services

Brilliant drone photography and video shot with passion.
Every time, every angle, day or night.

We shoot perfectly framed, brilliant, colourful and vibrant aerial photographs and video, providing amazing perspectives anytime, day or night. 

We’re able to operate in locations and provide perspectives that are not easily obtainable or possible with traditional methods. We provide brilliant images from multiple altitudes, positions and angles in a single flight.

With a large range of professional equipment we deliver outstanding production value by replacing the set-up time, cost and physical limitations of jibs, booms, platforms, cranes and dollies.

We work with client teams creatively and collaboratively to achieve excellence on every shoot and get the hero shot every time. On site we work as a seamless part of your team under direction or autonomously working to your brief.

RemSense works with some of the leading production companies in Perth WA. We are happy to provide unedited images and video or fully edited productions depending on your requirements.

Our work is regularly seen across all media platforms from television through to social media. Our clients include leading production companies, television studios and networks, advertising agencies, companies in all market sectors, governments and property developers.

Features and Benefits

  • CASA Certified and Licensed
  • Fully Insured
  • More precise, less intrusive and more cost effective than manned aircraft or helicopters
  • Highly skilled and experienced remote pilots and professional aerial photographers and cinematographers producing emotive cinematic content
  • Flexibility to adapt and operate in a fast moving site environment including remote and inaccessible areas
  • Licenced to operate at night and within 15 m of actors and extras
  • Conventional crane/dolly style shots, Steadicam style footage and Multi camera angles in the same sequence
  • Flexible punch outs with upward or downward facing cameras, Chase scenes, Panoramic fly arounds
  • Prompt delivery of photographs and video
  • Can be combined with our Tethered Drone Service to provide unlimited flight time
  • We are not a “part time” company! We can demonstrate a track record in excess of 4,500 projects.
Our attention to detail, focus on safety and collaborative approach to everything we do sets us apart.

Drone Photography & Video Applications

City Beach Aerial drone photographyAerial Photography

Marketing & Advertising
Corporate profile and annual reports
Events and promotions
Multiple perspectives and angles from a single flight
Up to 42 MP images

Aerial image of Tidewater vesselAerial Video & Cinematography

Marketing & Advertising
Corporate or project profiles
Film and TV productions
Sporting and other events
Live broadcast
Close up or long distance and anywhere in between!

Construction Progress Aerial PhotographyConstruction Progress Photography

Regular construction progress reporting
Project promotion and marketing
Incident reporting
Corporate profile and annual reports

Aerial view South Perth JacarandasArchitectural View Assessments

Up to 360 degree views
Highly accurate positions and heights
Multiple views from different locations on site
From ground floor to 120 metres
Stitched panoramas
Web based interactive 360

Aerial Night View of WACANight & Low Light

Dawn and dusk shoots
Night shoots
Panoramic views
Special events and fireworks
City lights
Beach sunsets
Twilight architectural and real estate shots

Aerial Red Gully NorthEditing and Production

Comprehensive in-house Adobe Photoshop and Premier editing service
For professional video productions we work with Perth’s leading video editing and production studios

DJI Inspire 2 drone Alta TopMount Alta 6

Versatile Airborne Cameras

We operate professional photography, cinematography and video drones from leading manufacturers including:

  • DJI Inspire 2
  • Matrice M210
  • Freefly Alta

Our drones carry cameras on fully stabilized precision gimbals with both downward and upward shooting options.

Our professional standard camera options include the world leading DJI X7, X5S and DSLR options including Sony A7RII and Canon 5D MkIII, enabling:

  • 20.8 to 42MP Stills
  • Up to 6k Video Cinematography
  • Multiple lens options including Zoom

Low noise, twilight and night images and footage.

Live, constant and interactive control of all cameras.

Dual operator crews including experienced remote pilot and professional photographer and cinematographer.

Constant live stream to ground monitors either vehicle based or remote.

Secure wireless communication between Remote Pilot, Camera Operator and client director on site. 

Unlimited flight duration options with our Tethered Drone Services.

RemSense has been providing professional aerial drone services since 2006.
We are Certified, Accredited and Approved to national and international standards.