Aerial Imaging & Sensing

Aerial Media, Survey and Inspection Solutions

Operating since 2006, we have been providing comprehensive CASA Certified RPAS services, specialising in the provision of aerial media, survey and inspection solutions for a range of industry sectors.

Track record across all service segments encompassing over 4,500 injury free commercial projects across city, metropolitan, rural and remote locations.

We have flown thousands of kilometers and hundreds of hours photographing, filming, inspecting and surveying.

Perfectly framed, brilliant, colourful and vibrant aerial photographs and video providing amazing perspectives anytime day or night.

Inspection and Survey data with a better resolution, higher accuracy and spatial fidelity, with a refined data management processes.

Our staff are qualified, certified and highly experienced, often working in the most demanding environments.

Aerial Imaging Services

City Beach Aerial drone photographyPhotography & Video

Aerial photographs and video anytime day or night.

ap southperthLine of Sight Assessments

Precise line of sight and view information from any bearing or height to 120 m.

Construction Progress Aerial PhotographyConstruction Support

Photography, video and interactive VR services from concept to completion.

Aerial Inspection Services

We provide valuable high-quality inspection data with reduced safety risks, in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional visual inspection methods in the most demanding environments

industrial inspection
Industrial Inspection

Comprehensive inspection services at height and long distance.
Roof, building and plant defect inspections

Thermal Imaging

Full 640 resolution radiometric images and video combined with high resolution colour cameras.

Ultrasonic Testing
Ultrasonic Testing

Drone mounted Multiple Echo ultrasonic thickness testing.

Survey and Mapping

High resolution, low altitude survey and mapping services with high spatial accuracy

Hyperspectral & Multispectral

RPAS hyperspectral imaging for the spectral range 900-2500nm.
Four band red edge multispectral.

geophysical surveyGeophysical Survey

RPAS based magnetometry able to survey large areas of inaccessible terrain.

Other Aerial Services

We operate a range of drones with the flight time, cameras and sensors to provide clients, corporations and regulators with imagery and data to underpin key decisions.

emergency responseEmergency Response

On call services to support emergency services.
Oil Spill Response.

Tethered OperationsTethered Operations

Near unlimited flight times using drones that are powered from the ground.

Gas DetectionGas Detection

RPAS gas monitoring with 20+ sensor options wirelessly linked to ground station.