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Adding further value to your aerials

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Our pilots & camera operators are constantly seeking ways to improve the quality of our UAV Real Estate Products. Trying new ideas, new technologies, professional development & training and researching cutting edge ideas allows us to offer clients stunning, professional aerial imaging at an exceptional price point.

It is our mission to provide you with the best valued aerial imaging products and services in WA.Steve Brown, CEO Altitude Imaging


Aerial Real Estate Overlays

Impress your vendors and buyers with great photography and clear, precise information. You can see above how overlays convey pleasing visual ‘at a glance’ communication as opposed to having to write the information in print an online descriptions which may get overlooked.

Post Production

Image Retouching Services

It’s not always easy to get the perfect shot straight away, sometimes there are vehicles around the house or other things that make the image messy. We can edit those shots to make them just right.

The above comparison is a great example of how colour grading, ‘photoshopping’ and overlays combine together to take images to that professional level.
The left image is direct from the camera in a ‘raw’ format. In the right image you will see that we have graded the image for accurate colour balance & contrast, removed 3
cars, a tray back truck and a tree then we have redrawn curbs and powerlines to ensure the images integrity.

Image enhancements such as colour grading, brightness & contrast adjustments,
exposure adjustments etc. are all included in your standard fee.
Other more specific ‘artwork’ services are available anytime for you.
Altitude Imaging will always provide a quote before proceeding with any detailed postproduction or ‘photoshopping’ should your image require it.

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