A comprehensive fleet of UAV Sytems

The right UAV system and camera for every application

We use high performance multi-rotor vertical take-off and landing UAV Drone systems to capture aerial photographs and video delivering outstanding results for our clients.

Our professional UAV systems are multi-functional and capable of deploying a variety of camera and specialist payloads. High quality cameras and gyro stabilised camera gimbals combine to provide industry leading image quality.

We have a range of specialist drones set up for aerial inspection including thermal imaging and survey & mapping.

Highly stabilised camera gimbals including Freefly Movi and precision internal flight and navigation systems provide industry leading image quality and positional accuracy.

All our systems and equipment are easily transported by either air or road freight.

You won’t miss the action with our amazing flight times. We have UAV systems that achieve routine 30-minute flight times between battery changes maximising production flexibility while still maintaining a 20% safety margin.

Our Microdrone low noise, state of the art UAV Systems are less sensitive to weather conditions and we are fully approved to fly in the rain and at night.

UAV System: Air Transportable Microdrone
Inspection Drone
UAV System: DJI S800 Air transportable uav

Our UAV Systems Include:

  • Freefly Alta

  • Microdrone md4-1000

  • DJI Martice M210

  • UAV Mapper Fixed Wing

  • DJI S1000+

  • DJI Inspire 2

  • Phantom 4 Professional

Our Gimbals Include:

  • Movi M5

  • Gremsy H7

  • Zenmuse

Our UAV’s can photograph and capture video using a variety of imaging and sensing payloads including:

Still and Video Cameras

Thermal Imaging &
Multi Spectral cameras

Gas detection sensors

We have a range of standard aerial cameras and lenses to suit every application including:
  • Sony A6000

  • Cannon 5d Mk III

  • Sony A7RII - 42mp stills 4k video

  • DJI X5S 5k video

  • Samsung Gear 360

  • FLIR A65 640×512 resolution

5D-III Zenmuse

Why choose Us?

We are experienced

Altitude Imaging is one of Australia's most experienced UAV operators with a track record of incident free flights from urban to remote country locations.

Our fully equipped operations base in Perth supports the provision of services across Australia.

Passionate and safe

We are passionate about the work we do and our commitment to servicing our customers is second to none.

Safety is at the forefront of all our operations, we are CASA approved and dedicated to delivering a quality product.

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