Aerial Cinematography and Video by Drone / UAV

We shoot professional aerial video with Passion

Altitude Imaging is a fully CASA certified aerial imaging company using multi-rotor UAV Drone systems to provide aerial video and aerial photography services.

Regularly operating across the state, shooting in city, rural and remote environments. We can operate in locations and provide perspectives that are not easily obtainable or even possible with traditional methods.
We understand the difference between video and cinematography, with two man teams, professional Movi and Gremsy gimbals and Alta multirotors setting us apart. Our work is regularly seen across all media platforms from television through to social media.

With a flexible fleet of drone/UAVs and steadicam style gyro stabilised camera gimbals we can deliver outstanding production value by replacing the set-up time, cost and physical limitations of real helicopters, jibs, booms, cranes, dollies and zip lines.

Our professional UAV/Drone equipment and cameras and a highly-experienced operations team we are ready to help you provide a new perspective with a service that consistently delivers high production value.

We have been granted Exemptions to conduct operations at large public gatherings or events and to fly at night.

Professional UAV, Gimbal and Camera Equipment

We fly and shoot video with professional Freefly Alta and DJI Inspire Pro systems.

Operations are quick and flexible with as little as 15 minutes initial set up and minutes between flights with the ability to quickly change location.

Professional Equipment

Our Drones are equipped with Movi, Gremsy and Zenmuse Gimbals.

Our standard Cameras include:
Sony A4R II – up to 4k
Cannon 5d Mk III – HD
DJI X5 – up to 4k

We carry a range of lenses for all cameras.
Other Cameras and lenses available on request.

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Our Aerial Video services are ideal for:

  • Conventional crane/dolly style shots

  • Steadicam style footage

  • Multi camera angles in the same sequence

  • Punch outs (vertical flight)

  • Chase scenes

  • Panoramic fly rounds

  • Close up or long distance…and anywhere in between!

Brilliant Creative Video
We recognise that brilliant creative work requires a team approach.
You have the vision and we have the technical ability and experience to work with you to bring that vision to reality.

Why choose Us?

We are experienced

Altitude Imaging is one of Australia's most experienced UAV operators with a track record of incident free flights from urban to remote country locations.

Our fully equipped operations base in Perth supports the provision of services across Australia.

Passionate and safe

We are passionate about the work we do and our commitment to servicing our customers is second to none.

Safety is at the forefront of all our operations, we are CASA approved and dedicated to delivering a quality product.

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