aerial roof inspection

Aerial Roof Inspections

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Inspecting roofs on multi story and high roofed properties is a key component for many property managers and owners. A large number of properties do not provide safe and secure access to the roof area which poses the challenge of accessing the roof for inspection.

The risks of working at heights are well known, often resulting in serious injury or fatality and complying with all Health and Safety standards often requires multiple parties on site, specialised equipment and traffic management plans, making it difficult, dangerous and expensive.

We can provide a much safer and cost effective option: Aerial Roof Inspections

We have partnered with Houspect to provide detailed high definition roof maps and reports allowing them to be inspected from the safety of an office.

Using our ultra high definition cameras, even the smallest detail can be noticed, no matter at which height they are or how difficult the access. From roof fastenings to roof penetrations, finding faults such as cracked tiles or water ingress, our high definition photos will show you everything you need to know.

aerial roof fastening inspection
aerial roof penetration inspection
aerial water ingress inspection

After the inspection takes place, Houspect will prepare a report with a map of the inspected roof and detailed images of all specific issues identified in the Building Inspection Report.
This might include chipped edges, debris, silicone repairs to be replaced, loose tiles, cracks or growths that require cleaning.

The number of images can range from 100 to 500 and not all will be included in the report but all of them will be provided to you for future reference.

For more information visit Our Inspection Services or get in touch.

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