Brilliant aerial photography by UAV / drone

We’re able to operate in locations and provide perspectives that are not easily obtainable or possible with traditional methods. With a flexible fleet of UAVs and steadicam style gyro stabilised camera gimbals we provide brilliant images from multiple altitudes, positions and angles in a single flight.

Our Panoramic and Interactive 360° Aerial Photos are perfect for view assessments. Let your clients see the view from a specific floor level before construction commences.

The team at Altitude Imaging recognises that brilliant creative work requires a team approach. You have a vision and we have the ability to bring that vision to reality. Our UAV systems stream live video to the ground enabling our clients to work collaboratively with our photographers.

We use Canon, Nikon and Sony DSLR cameras and lenses to capture the best images possible. Fully approved to fly at night. We have the equipment and expertise to shoot during daylight, dusk or late into the evening.

Architects and visualisation companies regularly use our work for development and scheme renders.

We provide aerial photography for a range of industries and events:

  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate

  • Industrial and Infrastructure

  • Resource Industry

  • Architectural

  • Government

  • Advertising Projects

  • Sporting and Special Events


Why choose Us?

We are experienced

Altitude Imaging is one of Australia's most experienced UAV operators with a track record of incident free flights from urban to remote country locations.

Our fully equipped operations base in Perth supports the provision of services across Australia.

Passionate and safe

We are passionate about the work we do and our commitment to servicing our customers is second to none.

Safety is at the forefront of all our operations, we are CASA approved and dedicated to delivering a quality product.

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