Safe and accurate aerial inspection services
for mining, industrial, utility and government applications

Reduce risk to personnel inspecting assets and structures at height with a more productive, timely and cost efficient aerial inspection service.

Our UAV systems are ideal for conducting visual aerial inspections, providing high quality imaging and eliminating hazards associated with personnel working at height. Our UAV’s are able to photograph/film assets and structures using a variety of imaging and sensing payloads including:

  • Still, Video and Thermal Imaging cameras
  • Multi Spectral cameras
  • Gas detection sensors

With easily transportable UAV systems we can generally undertake inspections without disrupting operations. Images are transmitted live to the ground so your maintenance team can interact with the flight crew in real time to focus inspection efforts. Our UAV’s are the best in the business with industry leading flight times and performance.

Safe and Accurate Inspection Services

Reduce the hazard of working at height

Avoid man riding crane, scaffolding, cherry picker and rigging issues to quickly access your tall structures, large infrastructure works and complex engineering projects.

Our UAV/drones are safe, reliable and compact enough to access the most difficult of working environments.

Our equipment is not only ideal for external applications, we have solutions for inspecting inside structures and buildings.

The Quality Differential

We deliver aerial inspection services of the highest quality with results that are clearly differentiated in the marketplace. Our inspection deliverable’s are comprehensive, consistent and repeatable.

We are not a “part time” company! We can demonstrate a UAV/drone track record in excess of 2,300 commercial projects including structural inspections, roof inspections, transmission towers, substations, and pipelines.

Data is available complete with GPS encoding compatible with most GIS systems.

Comprehensive Aerial Inspection and Monitoring Services

Access Infrastructure Remotely

Our services not only offer advantages when working at height as our UAV drone systems can also effectively inspect remotely located assets like pipelines, road and rail infrastructure.

With our top mounted 42.1 MP SONY A7RII camera we can now capture images and video from directly underneath a structure with incredible detail. Such a high resolution image allow us to digitally zoom in to identify small defects.

Why choose Us?

We are experienced

Altitude Imaging is one of Australia’s most experienced UAV operators with a track record of incident free flights from urban to remote country locations.

Our fully equipped operations base in Perth supports the provision of services across Australia.

Passionate and safe

We are passionate about the work we do and our commitment to servicing our customers is second to none.

Safety is at the forefront of all our operations, we are CASA approved and dedicated to delivering a quality product.

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